Can you find Dutch’s money as John?

Can you get the money from Beaver Hollow as John?

Arthur and John soon follow, and escape through the caves. If the player decides to go back for the money: After saying his farewells to John and giving him all of his possessions, Arthur returns to Beaver Hollow, in order to take the gang’s money stash hidden in the caves.

Can you get Dutchs money as John?

During “American Venom”, John finds a chest that Dutch leaves him with that’s assumed to have the Blackwater money. John himself gets roughly $20,000 (don’t know if my memory is correct) and that’s split with Charles and Sadie, so yeah.

Can you go back to the cave and get the money as John?

John and Arthur manage to run through the caves, escape with their horses on the other side, and ride away until their horses are killed. This is where the choice comes in: Arthur can help John escape, or go back to the caves and get the money from Dutch’s stash.

How does John get Arthur’s money back?

Go to the Aberdeen Pig Farm as Arthur, with the not at all creepy incestuous siblings. Accept the drink, (or the food sample if it’s your second visit) and find yourself in the mud pit with zero money. Return to the house and kill them both. The money is stored behind the ‘mom’ painting directly at the front door.

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What happens if you get the money instead of helping John?

If you go for the money, it plays out largely the same. The difference is that you fight back to the camp and head into the cave for the money. On the way out, you fight Micah in the burning remnants of the camp.

Can you find Arthur’s body as John?

Arthur Morgan’s grave can be found to the northeast of Bacchus Station, and east of the grave of Eagle Flies. If you finished the game with a high Honor rating, Arthur’s grave will be adorned with flowers. … For much of Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan acts as a father figure to John and Abigail Marston’s son Jack.

Is there a secret ending in rdr2?

However, what many players don’t know is that Red Dead Redemption 2 also contains a short bonus ending that can only be discovered with 100 percent completion of the game. In it, John visits Arthur’s grave to wrap up the epic Western in an emotional bow.

Can you find Dutch after the epilogue?

After chapter six, we don’t actually see Dutch until the very end of epilogue two, although he can be read about in one of the newspaper reports. You can check that out in the “Notorious Bad Man Alive” article.

Did Dutch have the Blackwater money?

That’s why Micah teamed up with Dutch. Dutch was the only person who knew the exact location of the Blackwater money. … Now we know that dutch was seen in TT in 1906 which is probably when he had micah reclaim the money so it’d been around a year giving micah plenty of time to spend a great deal of it by American Venom.

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